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Diagnosed:  January 17, 2006         Age:  5 years
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - High Risk
Treatments are continuous until May 2008
Things you should know:  Kaitlyn has Avascular
Necrosis (bone death) as a result of her chemo.  She
experiences stress fractures in her legs from simply
running on the playground.
Kaitlyn's Story
One child lost is too many,
One child saved...
Can change the World.
Alicia Hall
Kaitlyn Hammond, dx with ALL on January 17, 2006 at the age of five. She is
considered high risk for relapse and is currently on a high risk protocol until May

My daughter Kaitlyn was diagnosed with high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
on Daddy’s birthday, January 17th, 2006. She was 5 years old.  With one tiny
word from the doctor-cancer- the world suddenly seemed to speed up and slow
down all at the same time. We were plunged into an existence I never knew was
possible. One where bald children seem more normal than those with hair, where
my child lay in a hospital bed while others are out playing in the sun, where my
child hurts so much she can’t even cry, and yes, a world where children also die.

Kaitlyn is currently  71 months old and 19 months into a 2 ½ year chemotherapy
regimen. While the medicine she takes now is less toxic, the effects of the first
year of harsh treatment have already taken a toll on her tiny body. In April of
2007, Kaitlyn was diagnosed with bone damage (AVN) as a direct result of
chemotherapy. Because of this, she suffers from recurring stress fractures and
daily pain.

It has been a difficult, life changing path, but one worth taking. With out the
chemotherapy, our daughter wouldn’t be with us today. Yet the journey isn’t
over. While she is in stable remission, she has a 50% chance of relapse, with the
most common window of relapse being 3-5 years after diagnosis.

Throughout this journey, we have discovered our sweet, precious child has the
heart of a lion and the courage of a warrior. Despite her challenges, she has
maintained an enthusiasm for life that is truly inspiring.

While no child should suffer, there are thousands of children who are, every day.
I used to see the commercials with bald children in them and think, “How awful.”
Then go along with my life never truly understanding what I was turning away
from. By visiting this site you are already making a different
choice than I did. Childhood Leukemia incidence has risen steadily every year,
and strikes every class, geographic region, and every age.

In 1964, the cure rate for leukemia was a dismal 4%. Only because of multi-
facility clinical trials, that number has skyrocketed to about 85%.  Unbelievably,
for the first time in history, clinical trial funding has been reduced. I wonder, do
our lawmakers feel the successes have been enough? Ask a mother who has
lost her child to cancer if it is enough. Ask the mother of a child who suffers from
the incurable side effects of chemotherapy if it is enough.

It is not enough.

Our children deserve a cure.

Please donate to fund childhood cancer research.

My daughter has a website I welcome you to visit:


Betsy Hammond