One child lost is too many,
One child saved...
Can change the World.
Alicia Hall
What is a pledge?  

A pledge is a promise, by YOU,  to send a certain amount of money to the pediatric
cancer charity of your choice.  

You can pledge a certain dollar amount per pound (EX: $1/pound), you can pledge
dollar amounts at certain intervals (EX: $15/every 25 pounds lost), or you can
pledge a dollar amount to be donated when I hit the final goal of 100 pounds lost
(EX:  $50 donated if I make it to the 100 pound goal)  

I will be thrilled even if you donate only $1.  Anything you are willing to give, means
you have begun to embrace our children.  They need you - and we, as parents,
appreciate you.
Do I have to pledge money?  

Absolutely not.  Believe me, as a cancer family who has faced financial
devastation...there have been times when one dollar was more than we could part
with.  We understand.  

You can always pledge your time.  Pledge to pass this website on to one person
for each pound I lose.  Pledge to volunteer with a local chapter of a cancer charity.  
Or the best idea?  Pledge to write to your elected officials on behalf of pediatric
cancer.  Pledge to pester Congress to pass the Childhood Cancer Act.  

I'm easy, I'm not looking for 6 figure donations - just a grass roots effort to have our
children and the nightmares they face,
How will you know if I send the money?  

I won't.  This is based on honor and honesty.  If you pledge, then please follow
through.  I've pledged my poundage - and by hook or by crook - this weight is
coming off.  

Think of it like this.  Our kids have no choice in their treatments.  They endure
painful procedures, take medicines that make them feel worse than your worst flu,
and yet they move forward through their days and still manage to enjoy and
appreciate life.  If they can do that with what they face each hard can it be
to follow through on one little pledge?
Alright, I'm hooked.  How is this pledge thing going
to work?   Do I send the money to you?

NO - please, no money sent my way.  On the                                   page of this
website, there are direct links to the charities mentioned.  Please access the
charity directly when you are ready to donate.         
Do you want to know what I pledge?  Will you be
keeping track?  How do I tell you?

YES!  I'd LOVE to know what you pledge.  

Here's what I'm thinking.  I'm working on setting up a Pledges Guestbook.  As soon
as I get it figured out - you'll be able to link to it from several pages.  (I admit the
HTML stuff is making my hair fall out)  In addition you can always email me what
you have pledged at                                                    or to                                               

If you tell me I am allowed to, I will include your pledge on a Pledge Page.  I will list
your first name, your pledge, and how much money you've racked up so far (which
is, obviously, dependent on how much weight I've lost)  

As you can see on the home page, my goal is to raise
one million dollars total.  I
will be perfectly happy if it is split between several charities.  That's quite alright.  I
just want the number to be substantial.  

I will be posting a counter to go with my weight counter.  I'll gather all the monetary
pledges together as one, and post how much money I've "earned" so far.  Again,
this is not finished yet - add it to my long list of "want-to's".  I'm getting there, I'm
getting there.  

For now, send emails, and I'll do my best to make it easier as soon as possible!