One Woman
One Voice
100 pounds
1000 stops
1,000,000 Dollars!
My name is Alicia Hall.  I am the proud, and apparently - completely
INSANE, mother of a pediatric cancer patient.  For nearly three years
now, I have been part of a world I never imagined possible.  I have
come to love others' children as my own.  I have opened my heart to
strangers to help them understand the path of fire a cancer family
walks.  And worst of all, I have had to live with the knowledge that my
child may not grow up...  

For all of these reasons, and a million more, I welcome you here.  This
website, and the insanity it will contain, is my concerted and personal
effort to thumb my nose at the universe.  I'm tired of the horrors of
cancer.  I'm tired of the statistics of cancer.  I'm tired of the fall-out,
side-effects, and daily rigors of cancer.  And from the depths of my
soul, I'm angry that tonight, a parent will be grieving their child -
because the horrible beast won the battle.  I'm declaring a personal

I have decided to make the battle my own.  I am tossing myself to the
wolves, feeding myself to the lions...well, feel free to pick your
sacrificial-lamb metaphor.   I'm literally putting my keester on the line.  
I am pledging to lose 100 lbs, to try to get people to pledge per pound
for pediatric cancer charities.  The way I see it, my daughter's cancer
was oh-so-generous in adding 60+ lbs to my bottom line.  The least I
can do is "give it back" by adding to the bottom line of a charity or two.

Within this site, you will find a daily Fat-a-Thon blog, a blog about my
speaking engagements, Brunhilda's blog (you'll just have to check it
out to understand), links to pediatric cancer information and charities,  
and my very favorite section, Crazy Cancer Mom's Kids.  If you're here
out of rubber-necker-morbid-curiosity for the Fat-a-Thon, yay!  That
means my struggles are worth it.  You are welcome to laugh with me,
at me, or for me.  (Seriously, you can't have "thin skin" and embark on
a Fat-A-Thon!)  But please, as you peruse my perils of pudge - don't
forget to meet one or two of my Kids.  These children are my heroes
and my inspiration.  I promise you, they will change you forever...

So, there you have it.  I am willing to do anything to get the word out
about "my Kids".   I have been blessed to be able to continue to hug,
smooch, tickle, and enjoy my daughter.  Memories and time are what I
wish for everyone in this fight.  Please, take a moment to laugh with
me - then two moments to love and appreciate the children in your
life.  Each day with a child is a blessing, ask any cancer family...  

Alicia Hall
Welcome Friends!
Welcome to my heart-wish.
One child lost is too many,
One child saved...
Can change the World.
                                          Alicia Hall
One child lost is too many,
One child saved...
Can change the World.
Alicia Hall
Want to meet them?
Watch this video!
Meet the Children of

And yes, the quote at the end is mine,
and the picture of the father and child
are my husband and daughter.  And
yes, this video makes me cry too.  
These faces, these children... are my
Children of Cancer video
I still have 4 entire
sections to add to this
site and pages of
writing to add.  

Check back often for
new entries, new
sections, new kids.  
While I would have
preferred to have it
perfect before
publishing, I wanted
to make sure I made
it for Childhood
Cancer Awareness

Thank You
Who are you?
What is this site all about?
While the purpose of this site is serious - I'm not.  I'm pledging to
lose weight publicly...obviously I can laugh at myself.  Click on
the link
below to my Blubber Blog to read my daily musing about
life on a diet.  Most days, I hope I can at least make you smile.  
Some days, you may laugh until milk comes out your nose...

No promises

You can find a link to the Blubber Blog from most pages in the site.
Fat-A-Thon Blubber Blog
I'm crazy enough that
I'm willing to prove to
you I'm losing the
weight.  If you're
brave...feel free to
click the link
Picture proof I'm
pudgy and suffering

Raising awareness of Childhood Cancer and money for
Pediatric Cancer Research by encouraging you to pledge time
or resources as I lose weight.  Feel free to laugh! Then, take a
few minutes to learn, and a few more to learn to care..

Crazy Cancer Mom wants to
How many times have you heard about
Brittany's custody battle
?  How many
times did you hear about Childhood
Cancer during September,
Cancer Awareness Month?!!!  

Think about it.
my daughter, my hero
Her Daddy
my husband, my best friend
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Facing with pediatric cancer with some humor, some hard work...
and a whole lot of heart.
Sissies love you even when
you're bald...
3000 children will
die of pediatric
cancer this year.  
One is too many...

Think of your child sitting with 3 of her
friends.  One of the children  will
develop lifelong major health problems.  
One of the friends will grow up healthy,
strong and perfect.  One of the four
children will have minor, annoying health
problems, but grow up to lead a
productive life.  And one of the
children...will not be here next year.  

These are the statistics and reality of
Childhood Cancer.  In my daughter's
group, we were lucky.  She only has
lifelong, major health issues.  

Would you want your child to have to
play in this group?
After brain surgery to implant
a shunt.  The shunt is for brain
damage caused by chemotherapy.
One person CAN  
make a difference.  
You can reach out
and change the life of
have the power within